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The Libran Warrioress

What's in a Name?

The Determinatress lineage has had a name change. Her identity is shifting, her role becoming more defined and refined.

When I first received the Determinatress as my main Warrioress to work with, I was confused and unsure what her name implied. She started to appear first and foremost as the energy of a determined woman, someone who pushes through and persists till the end, completing whatever task could be at hand. I thought, "Too easy. I can do that," only to realise that she was far more complex and multi-dimensional to even conceive of her so simplistically. The journey thus far has revealed her to me as someone who needs to be in the present and balanced in her thoughts and views.


Working with the Polarity Warrioress

The Determinatress energy required me to focus on my family. I needed to release the needs of my more dominant Aries nature (I have many astrological placements in Aries) and flow from the perspective of 'me' to 'we', which encapsulates the polarity between the Libra and Aries Warrioresses. The aim was to balance my fervent need for independence and actually build a family life. The relationships I have formed with my partner, children, and friends have helped shape the person I am becoming and without them I know I would be less patient, less tolerant, and without the understanding of other's perspectives.

My mother, sister, daughter, niece and brother are all Libran sun-signs and the Determinatress energy has provided a looking glass to help me understand my closest family members. The Libran qualities were foreign to me and I struggled to understand the personalities of my family. Their 'airy' nature and constant need to be everybody's friend annoyed me. The adult Libran family members were always putting their hands up to help anyone in need: especially the outcasts of society. I didn't want them giving of themselves so much only to turn around and have to help that same person again. However, sitting with the Determinatress' energy has taught me that their empathy for others is of the most pure intention and is so needed in this world.


Libran Medicine

My mind was a dominant feature of my personality. I began to realise I needed to let my mind settle. She was like a waffling mental patient, constantly talking to herself and ruminating about anything she could get her hands on, tossing thoughts back and forth and rarely reaching a conclusion or decision before jumping onto the next issue at hand. I needed to practice mindfulness and over the past few years I have began stopping myself from my thoughts and instead questioning where the ideas are coming from and if my higher self actually agrees with them. I am not perfect (nor do I wish to be!) so my mind still likes to wander but now I notice and reign her in when she gets too pushy and demanding.

I have been sitting with the Determinatress energy for over 4 years. I initially expected a harsh and punchy experience, however, the wisdom of the Shamanic pathway has been revealed to me gently and with patience. It has had a calming influence on my nature when I would have preferred getting to the point quickly and moving on to the next step and the next step. Yet, if that had been my experience, would the wisdom have been revealed to me and would it have gone deep enough?


Determinatress to Lore Keeper

At this time, the Determinatress now expands and moves on to her next chapter following the change of her name to Lore Keeper. Her name sounds rather grand and dignified; certainly someone you wouldn't mess with. Her name does sound foreign to me. Again, I don't understand her meaning, her nature, her purpose. I take the lessons thus far and step into the unknown on another journey of discovery.

I wonder what will be revealed to us. Who is this intriguing Warrioress and what does she bring to the table of the Amazonian Arts?


by Amy Myers

Clan Mother for the Lore Keeper

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