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The Libran Warrioress

What's in a Name?

The Determinatress lineage has had a name change. Her identity is shifting, her role becoming more defined and refined.

When I first received the Determinatress as my main Warrioress to work with, I was confused and unsure what her name implied. She started to appear first and foremost as the energy of a determined woman, someone who pushes through and persists till the end, completing whatever task could be at hand. I thought, "Too easy. I can do that," only to realise that she was far more complex and multi-dimensional to even conceive of her so simplistically. The journey thus far has revealed her to me as someone who needs to be in the present and balanced in her thoughts and views.


Working with the Polarity Warrioress

The Determinatress energy required me to focus on my family. I needed to release the needs of my more dominant Aries nature (I have many astrological placements in Aries) and flow from the perspective of 'me' to 'we', which encapsulates...

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