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I’ve always been a loner and never grew up being part of a group, not even girl guides or a sports team. Not only did I always feel different and not quite ‘vibe’ with others, but I also knew that I’d move on soon, therefore there was no real point in belonging.

Back in Melbourne in 2006 I did create a successful artist group for mothers only. The group is called Thou Art Mum, which is still going strong to this day, but even then, I still kept my ‘true self’ and ‘woo-woo’ thoughts hidden from others. I had trust issues, I never felt that I could truly be myself with others just in case later down the track my openness would be used against me.


The Difficult Year of 2023

Then 2023 came around, which turned out to be an incredibly heartbreaking and stressful year for me, in which my past fears about having loved ones use friendship and personal connections against me were coming true… My nightmare had finally become my...

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Embarking on the Moon Maidens Program, Perth WA

Menarche and coming of Age

At the end of last year, I felt called to bring mothers in my direct community, who had maidens coming of age, into a circle to discuss what they had planned for their daughter's menarche. There were a few reasons I felt pulled to do this. Firstly, to see as a community/collective if we could celebrate and empower our girls as they became women. Secondly, to see what I could learn about rites of passage and the coming of age. And thirdly, if I could assist in making the experience sacred. I had a slight tug that I should run a 2024 year-long program for my daughter who is approaching menarche and her friends, and I wanted to share my learnings with other girls her age. I have seen friends leave the ‘period talk’ and sex education up to their schools and did not want this for my daughter even though I know her teacher is wonderful.


What happens at a girls first menstruation is very important and can affect her for years to come,...
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