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Dirt Time for the Soul

Within just a few days after this New Moon a bunch of courageous Amazonian Arts sisters will come together to sit in sacred ceremony. The ceremony ground is nestled within the most stunning natural environment amongst ancient giant Grass Trees, beautiful Banksias, scented Tea Trees and an mighty gnarly Gum Tree, that feels like the guardian of this hollowed ground. The ceremony will call us to descend into the dark womb of Mother Earth to die a little death and be reborn a truer version of ourselves.


What is it that will die in this process?

Since incarnating into our human existence in our mother’s womb, we start a process of armouring ourselves with stories and believes, that in our egoic mind start replacing the essence of who we truly are. Each story or belief that our ego holds about ourselves has become a reality that can hold us back from feeling truly alive, knowing that there must be more to life, than surviving in the rat...

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