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Call to Courage

As I am writing this, I am waiting to hear if a new major project, and a new phase of my life, is about to begin. The universe shuffled her cards and landed the Wheel of Fortune squarely in my lap on the night of the eclipse. Since then, events have unfolded as if pre-ordained, as if divine will chose me as a vessel for energy that wishes to be birthed; and I am finally in a place to stand grounded and firm, strong and sturdy enough to birth the energy that wishes to be born.

The waves of excitement have been chased by waves of fear. I have spent a cold, Southern Winter in hibernation in Tasmania – wondering why I was delivered back to this windy and temperamental island, when I thought I was finished with her many and varied moods.


The Hero’s Journey

In the depths of my dark night in Dorrigo, I was told so many times that I was walking the Hero’s Journey. I did not want to hear it. I did not care for that journey, for that responsibility, or that narrative....

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