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The Season of Autumn, the gifts of Metal and Maga Wisdom

In the Southern Hemisphere where I live, the wheel has turned and Autumn is upon us. It is also the time of the corresponding element of Metal. If we relate this to the cycle of life for a woman it is the Maga phase.

One of the many gifts of the Amazonian Art Huntress archetype is that She stands for the rights of women and honors the Cycles of the Moon. I believe that this archetype has called me to hold women’s circles for the purpose of honoring the Moon cycles and the women in my life who sit each month witnessing each other. I feel called to create space for connection and to honor the sacred feminine. As I personally have been dancing into the Maga phase of life (with a lot of foot stomping) and have been seeing women around me experiencing these changes, I felt inspired to hold a circle for women in my community to help women explore their beliefs around this phase of life. Also with the intention of better preparing ourselves for this transition.


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