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A Metalsmithing Journey

smithwitch Aug 06, 2021

The Smithing Journey Begins …

I started to work with Metal 14 years ago after life changing events beginning with an accident that involved spinal damage. And this in turn has led to now living with Metal in my body. The blessings from this have been many... but a big one is for me to know when to stop and listen to my body and nourish myself.

I felt drawn to creating little metal boxes that in time became Trinket Boxes with little secret spaces. I am mostly exploring interesting shapes which has led me on a journey to finding out the tools needed and the metals I liked to use as well as the colours and properties. 


Ancestral Roots in Australia …

My Australian grandfather was a plumber, a repurposer, and a tinker. As a little girl we would bring things home from our outings in his old plumber’s truck and from trips to the tip, for him to reuse. He melted lead to make sinkers and created little items of a useful nature. I loved his...

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