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Hear the Clan Mothers share their voices in their own Warrioress Pathway

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

 Elvina Munir

Alchemist Clan Mother

Elvina means little Elf in the Celtic tradition and Sacred Instrument in Sanskrit, and true to my name I am a musician and sound healer. My music can be heard accompanying video footage in the 13 Pathways Journey.

I discovered a passion for sculpting clay Mythical Creatures and Animal Allies and choosing to step into my Fierce Feminine by offering workshops on Sacred Sexuality and Shakti Yoga. I am inspired by AMA’s Vision and feel moved to support this birthing for the highest good of Gaia and all Beings.

Drumming in the Pathways is credited to Elvina Munir.


Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Evelin Oaktree

Medicine Woman Clan Mother

I have been travelling many paths, within and without - a meandering nomad with no and many homes. I feel that rediscovering the beauty, passion and wildness in nature is an expression of our own inner being. It can be the bridge to reunite with our primordial, whole and sacred self – our blueprint for healing.

In reverence to the vision of the Amazonian Arts, I have drawn from my experience in holistic manual therapy and ecology, a deep love of nature, and an appreciation of life in all its facets to offer the Elemental Foundations workshops. May the shift begin...

Katiuska Cruz

Artisan Clan Mother

I am a jeweller, painter and graphic artist. As the Vision Artisan, I am creating the archetypal images of the 13 Warrioresses and the Overarching Allies.

Each month I sit with the Vision Mother and Gate-Keeper, deeply listening to what has been received about a specific Warrioress, and then begin the process of bringing HER through. This is, to put it lightly, a MOMENTOUS task full of magick, deep stories, spells, dedication and profound love.

Discover more about my AMA Artistry here.


Lisa Smith | Huntress Clan Mother

Lisa Smith

Huntress Clan Mother

 I am a mother, daughter, sister, wife, shiatsu practitioner, gardener and creative. I have also studied environmental biology majoring in Botany. I have been a project manager, research assistant and worked in the field of energy efficiency so my hats are many and paths meandering. Now I am finding stillness. My passions are holding sacred space for women and for healing, growing a food forest on our land and spending time in nature making mandalas. I am the Clan Mother of the Huntress and working with her and her allies, I have found myself dedicated to beating my drum to my soul song and cultivating my own Fierce Feminine.

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Louise Standish

Priestess Clan Mother

Nature and realms of the senses have always romanced and enhanced my life. I am an advocate for natural health and the symbiotic connection we share with our environment. 

My own health journey is testament to my belief in our innate ability to heal ourselves and lead a life of harmony and balance with our Nature Mother. My love of colour, scent, flowers and plant life, essential oils, cooking, infusing, brewing, smelling and tasting, all lead me home to the hearth of good health. Through trust in my innate esoteric knowledge and by following my intuition, truth and deep connection with Earth Mother, I’ve been guided to where I am today ...

Corrie Wade | Vision Father

Natasha Colchester

Wildling Clan Mother, SSW Graduate & SSW Year 3/3 Apprentice Teacher 4SJ

 I am a cosmic soul, a child of this universe, a daughter of this beloved planet.

I feel that many (if not all) of the answers to our current questions can be sourced directly from nature and the robust ways of living with Mother Earth, as practiced by our ancestors and the ancestors of the lands on which we live.

My return-to-self journey has seen me rediscover (and embrace) my own highly sensitive nature, and my innate connection to the more-than-human world.

I am an alchemist, and love creating vibrational essences and tinctures as well as shamanic tools such as frame drums and rattles; all-ways seeking inspiration and direction from the natural world, and my own inner knowing. 

As an energy healer, kinesiologist, shamanic craftswoman (spiritual midwife), daughter, sister, friend, lover and (clan) mother I am consciously choosing in each moment to model the way back… to our innate (ancient) wisdom and deep connection to All-that-Is.

Discover my Black Unicorn Essence here.


Banshee Clan Mother, SSW Graduate & SSW Year 1/3 Apprentice Teacher 4SJ

I am mother of 2 daughters. I am swim school owner, a teacher of swimming and appreciated in the community as a Water Whisperer. I am an ABA therapist for children on the Autism spectrum and I have Bachelor Fine Arts degree. My passion lies with and for the frame drum and the sacred ancient technology it holds for healing and transformation. I see myself now in my Maga years as a steward for the Great Mother, in service to the feminine awakening and reclamation of the Goddess culture.

Nioda Whitefeather

Messenger Clan Mother

Nioda is a name given to me through the Aether, meaning natural and free. And so, I fervently pursue my inner liberties. I am equally as passionate about all beings finding their freedom, whatever that means for them. Finding their voice, their peace, their connection. I love working with the body, entering the sacred space of communication with this vessel that guides our life. I have studied Spinal Flow Technique and am currently studying counselling and nutrition. I felt deeply called to the Messenger and wholeheartedly enjoy her teachings and all that the AMA offers.

Amy Myers | Determinatress Clan Mother

Amy Myers

Determinatress Clan Mother

I have always been on a quest for Knowledge and Truth. It’s like a never-ending
thirst that cannot be quenched. I enjoy reading, listening, and discussing all
myriads of life from history, science, politics, veiled topics, metaphysical
teachings, and natural, earthy living. I am a Lover, Mother, Daughter, Aunt,
Friend and Earth Keeper though I ultimately see myself as a Soul on an eternal
It is in these times that our own personal Truth must speak up for ourselves
and we must start to make choices to move towards that Truth. As the
Determinatress Clan Mother, I cannot make these decisions for you, however, I
am open to discussions over a pot of tea and cake.
You will know your Truth when a deep peace fills you and your decision cannot
be swayed – not by governments, bosses, family, or friends. You will know your
Truth and it will set you free.



Camilla Ticehurst | Protectress Clan Mother

Camilla Ticehurst

Protectress Clan Mother

It’s been a long road of self-discovery upon which I've experienced the full range of Protectress shadows and fears in order to bring forward her wisdom and strengths at this time. I am a guide and mentor to children, mothers, and families. I am a hugger, lover, mother, sister, friend, and shamanic seeker. I am Clan Mother for the Protectress: a guide and role model for a new way. Together we can co-create a nourishing community, built upon connection, positive communication, shared values, and integrity. Now my life becomes my purpose. To live life fully, as an embodiment of the Protectress.

Camilla Ticehurst | Protectress Clan Mother

Cath Eaglesham

Merciful One Clan Mother

I am a grandmother, a self-confessed tree hugger and dirt worshiper. I have been a seeker of knowledge
my entire life journey. The healing and magical arts, have been part of my world for many decades. As a
child, my mother taught me to love and respect nature.
The Earth is my Mother. I feel a deep connection with her and have spent my life defending her as an
environmental activist. I live in my solar powered cabin in the foothills of the Dorrigo Escarpment.
Through meditation and deep listening, ritual and spiritual practice, I weave magic into the tapestry of my life. Being at one with nature and myself brings me peace and serenity. Creative thinking and expression are close to my heart. Compassion and courage are my personal allies... I am resilient.
I feel inspired by the Amazonian Arts and have mounted the Black Unicorn! I feel blessed to be on this path, exploring my own fierce feminine through the 13 archetypes. In this Great Turning, I have heeded the call, to be the Clan Mother of the Merciful One. We are all interconnected in the web of life and I look forward to transitioning with you.