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Adventure into the depths of your own being to discover the Warrioress within. Our 13 archetypes each have a story of strength and shadow to tell. Which one will choose you?

Take our detailed questionnaire to receive your Warrioress Profile, then you may journey her healing pathway with drum journeys, meditation, journalling, story telling and much more!


13 Warrioress Archetypes

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Walk the Warrioress Pathways

Our beautifully rich online courses open you into deep relationship with each Warrioress archetype.

Experience your fierce feminine rising as she walks you through your strengths and shadows, so you can stand in your true power and reclaim your gifts.

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4-week Online Course

Solo Journey Emblem

52-week Online Course


From Vision Quest to Living Vision

Our shamanic-based online programs, which weave through the ancient ways, were birthed within the warm embrace of The School of Shamanic Womancraft, and are endorsed for your expansive growth and reclamation.

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Testimonials from Journey Women

Eve Oak | Medicine Woman

"Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering."

Brony Marshall | Warrior Queen

"The Amazonian Arts has opened a portal to the forgotten pieces of my blueprint. The bones of each of the 13 archetypes has allowed me to connect to the powers of my ancestors and the calling of my soul. I feel blessed to have found access to these deep rooted lineages, to be able to reclaim my own power through my warrioress, the Warrior Queen, reflect on my own shadows and be truly ‘seen’ by sisters in circle.  I have found the Amazonian Arts tribe to be real, raw, passionate, blissfully creative and deeply honouring of the forgotten stories of the womb."

Elvina Munir | Alchemist

"The first word that comes to mind to describe the Pathway Journey is inspiring or perhaps igniting. The imagery is just beautiful and the content, rich, varied and leads you into self reflection in such an evocative way. I really love the astrological insights. While journaling some of the questions, I went back in time to moments in my life I had totally forgotten about that held secrets I needed to unravel the next layer. I discovered how much wisdom can be gleaned through the symbolism within fairy tales and the trance state induced by drum journeys. Thank you for this wonderful offering!"

Isis and black unicorn

Overarching Allies of the Amazonian Arts

We have been received through signs and omens, brought through collectively by the Vision Weavers. We come to support all who journey with us.


“I am mother and sister to all who reside on your earth. I am the holy vessel that contains the crystallised essence of the creator/creatrix force...

At this time women are being called to step forth to usher in the ‘new’; to be the way-showers and midwives. Sisters, the reins are to be in your hands, and you will need to open your hearts in deep forgiveness to your brothers, your fathers, your husbands and your sons. This act of forgiveness can enable ‘them’ to heal and reclaim their own authentic masculine expression. This in turn leads to the balancing of polarities between the sexes."

Black Unicorn

"I am a magickal and mystical creature who is the mythological equivalent to the literal steeds of the Amazons. Much like the feminine, I have been reduced and minimised to something comfortable and safe (‘neutered’), but my true nature is fierce, and I am longing to be re-membered and restored. I bring the medicine of endurance, authenticity, freedom and self-sovereignty, and I represent what is just out of reach, unsettling and powerful. I represent the primal and in my dark form I represent the feminine. 

I am black and I am back.” 

May your Amazonian Arts journey take you on a wild ride into the centre of your own strengths as you re-member and renew your own true nature as an agent of the fierce feminine.

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