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Teachings of Grandfather Fire with Medicine Woman Clan Mother

medicine woman rewilding Jun 10, 2021

Dear Sisters,

I would love to share some of my journey with the pathways and a recent insight with my ally, the Medicine Bowl.

Stepping into the Role of World-Bridger with the Amazonian Arts

In the past, spending time in the wild and deeply connecting with nature has always been an amazing resource to me for grounding support and transformation. At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a journey to deepen this connection. As part of following my soul song and stepping up into the role of World-Bridger in the Amazonian Arts Vision Weavers, I am participating in a course this year - learning to facilitate programs in deep nature connection and primal bush skills. Something I have great passion for, but never dared to think that I could possibly teach.

Priestess Gifts

Working with the Priestess, prior to the course, helped to embrace my inner critic and self-doubts. I ventured out of the safety and comfort of my hermitage into the vulnerability of authentic being in service to community. Grandfather Fire was my first teacher. For more than a month I immersed myself in the practice of making fire by friction with the hand drill. A journey of physical and emotional transformation and nourishing of spirit. The practice turned my soft massage hands into tough wise hands and strengthened my mind as much as my upper body and arms, following the fire energy channels of the body. Surprisingly, I also felt other parts of my body awakening.

Medicine Woman & her Medicine Bowl

And this is where I am sure Medicine Woman had a good old chat with Grandfather Fire. It was my inner thighs and lower abdomen trembling and quivering after practice; areas that have been mostly offline. I curiously inquired within – listening – feeling … realising that Grandfather Fire initiated a connection with my womb for me. Different to other practices I engaged with, this was a very embodied experience, that led to more sublime insights, rather than the other way round.

Around the same time I started to read a book that was recommended to me a few days prior. There I found my realisation spelled out – that for any deeper connection with the elements, the wild or with community or self, one needs prior connection with the womb, with our primal portal of connection and creation. And for all of us who have started on our womb journey, we instinctively know that there lies true belonging, and it is felt on all levels.

The book was encouraging me to extend my attention beyond the womb to the pelvic bowl and suddenly it made Click! I knew that I had found my ally, to which I haven’t felt that much of a connection before. My Medicine Bowl. And it was one of those 4 am enlightenment realisations (you know - suddenly it all makes sense and you feel like you made a quantum leap in realisation and it is the most profound insight ever, haha). I had my ally all this time with me – in me.

Working with the Banshee at present is extremely potent in exploring this space.

In gratitude to Grandfather Fire and Medicine Woman. 


Medicine Woman Clan Mother: Evelin

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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