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From Womb to Womb – Connections through the Aether


Aether, the Womb, and All That Is ...

Working with the Medicine Woman Archetype, Aether is my element. I perceive Aether as the bridge between our embodied earthly experience and the wholesome blueprints of All that Is, containing all wisdom of the ages gone and to come and where our allys, guides and teachers in Spirits exist. It is pure potential, where time and space does not exist.

I imagine it as the womb of the universe, dark, fertile and spacious. And I believe that it is our wombs that are the anchors and portals to this space. Where we feel a deep knowing and when we are connected to our womb space (and we don’t need a physical womb to do this), we are in connection with the Earth Mother and the Sky Father connecting the physical with spirit.

Womb & Drum

While there are many ways to tune into this connection, one way I find particular potent is through drumming. There is just something primal about the beat of the drum, something that resonates way back...

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Hygeia & the Snake

Hygieia: the Resurfacing of a Pre-Olympian Status Quo?

Last Sunday was World Goddess Day. This enticed me to have a deeper look into the mythology of my ally Goddess HYGIEIA - Goddess of Health. I am somewhat hesitant to add Goddess of Cleanliness or Hygiene, because in our day an age, I find overt hygiene is actually a cause of many health conditions. But this is a topic for a whole new post… Suffice to say that in 400BCE, hand washing and purification of air through incense amongst other things was making a positive difference in the treatment of plaque and other infectious diseases. And since Hygieia is attributed to be most strong on the preventative side of health care, it kind of makes sense. She also is linked to mental health through her association with Goddess Athena. So on the whole she seems to be the ancient personification of a modern holistic health care practitioner who is walking her talk.


Hygieia's Family History

Hygieia comes from a renowned...

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Teachings of Grandfather Fire with Medicine Woman Clan Mother

medicine woman rewilding Jun 10, 2021

Dear Sisters,

I would love to share some of my journey with the pathways and a recent insight with my ally, the Medicine Bowl.

Stepping into the Role of World-Bridger with the Amazonian Arts

In the past, spending time in the wild and deeply connecting with nature has always been an amazing resource to me for grounding support and transformation. At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a journey to deepen this connection. As part of following my soul song and stepping up into the role of World-Bridger in the Amazonian Arts Vision Weavers, I am participating in a course this year - learning to facilitate programs in deep nature connection and primal bush skills. Something I have great passion for, but never dared to think that I could possibly teach.

Priestess Gifts

Working with the Priestess, prior to the course, helped to embrace my inner critic and self-doubts. I ventured out of the safety and comfort of my hermitage into the vulnerability of authentic being in service to...

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The Clan Mother Speaks: Medicine Woman


Sleeping Beauty

Journeying with the Amazonian Arts is like following spiral patterns of learning and rediscovery. One core principle I have repeatedly felt into with my whole being and examined with a curious mind is the reclaiming of the Fierce Feminine. My first impression was that it simply felt right. An instinctive knowing that there is a part in me that feels the call to wake up—a part that feels even urged to do so. So what is it, this part in me, slumbering in a kind of drug-induced sleep? I call it my Wild Woman. I can feel her when I am connecting and communing with nature and spirit. When the time is right the protective barriers and armouring will make way for the reconciliation with the sacred masculine—and she will awaken. But why is she asleep in the first place?


Wild Woman

The Poisoned Life

My soul has chosen to be born into a family reenacting all the shadow sides of transgenerational traumas. In the absence of whole and balanced...

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Beauty Has Been Sleeping

fairy tale medicine woman Oct 23, 2020


The Medicine Woman and the 13th Archetype

Each of the 13 Warrioresses is aligned with a zodiac sign, but many of you will not be familiar with the zodiac sign for Medicine Woman, which is Ophiuchus (a-few-chus).


Who is Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus is known mythologically as the snake handler and the well-known astrologer, Demetra George, talks about the snake as a primary symbol of feminine transformative power. Demetra discusses a constellation group that she believes is ushering us through this transition between World Ages, from the personal to the collective, and this constellation group has two snake constellations that run alongside them: Hydra, the sea serpent; and Serpens, the snake handler, who is also known as Ophiuchus. Although Ophiuchus has long been in the path of the apparent sun along with the other 12 Zodiac signs, she, like the 13th Fairy Goddess Mother, has been cast out, rejected, and denied. Yet, every year she spends more and more time in...

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