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The Sabbath of Imbolc

Imbolc Shona Daoibh - Happy Imbolc

Imbolc originates from the Celts and symbolises a cross quarter day on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. It is the halfway point between winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). The word Imbolc means in the belly of Mother Earth. It is he quickening, the celebration of the end of winter. It is a time to give thanks for the growing daylight. The warmth of the growing sun begins to activate seeds deep within the Earth to germinate and sprout, with the quickening pace of life emerging. Imbolc is also known as Saint Brigid’s Day, Candlemass, feast of Torches, Feast of Pan and Oimelc.


The Goddess Brigid

Brigid or Bride was the daughter of the Dagda, the oldest god in the Celtic pantheon Tuatha du Danann. She was the patroness of healing poetry and smithcraft. A triple goddess and a solar deity. Her skills are all those associated with fire. Her attributes are light and inspiration. She is the benefactress of inner...

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Hygeia & the Snake

Hygieia: the Resurfacing of a Pre-Olympian Status Quo?

Last Sunday was World Goddess Day. This enticed me to have a deeper look into the mythology of my ally Goddess HYGIEIA - Goddess of Health. I am somewhat hesitant to add Goddess of Cleanliness or Hygiene, because in our day an age, I find overt hygiene is actually a cause of many health conditions. But this is a topic for a whole new post… Suffice to say that in 400BCE, hand washing and purification of air through incense amongst other things was making a positive difference in the treatment of plaque and other infectious diseases. And since Hygieia is attributed to be most strong on the preventative side of health care, it kind of makes sense. She also is linked to mental health through her association with Goddess Athena. So on the whole she seems to be the ancient personification of a modern holistic health care practitioner who is walking her talk.


Hygieia's Family History

Hygieia comes from a renowned...

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