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From Womb to Womb – Connections through the Aether


Aether, the Womb, and All That Is ...

Working with the Medicine Woman Archetype, Aether is my element. I perceive Aether as the bridge between our embodied earthly experience and the wholesome blueprints of All that Is, containing all wisdom of the ages gone and to come and where our allys, guides and teachers in Spirits exist. It is pure potential, where time and space does not exist.

I imagine it as the womb of the universe, dark, fertile and spacious. And I believe that it is our wombs that are the anchors and portals to this space. Where we feel a deep knowing and when we are connected to our womb space (and we don’t need a physical womb to do this), we are in connection with the Earth Mother and the Sky Father connecting the physical with spirit.

Womb & Drum

While there are many ways to tune into this connection, one way I find particular potent is through drumming. There is just something primal about the beat of the drum, something that resonates way back...

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