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Teachings of Grandfather Fire with Medicine Woman Clan Mother

medicine woman rewilding Jun 10, 2021

Dear Sisters,

I would love to share some of my journey with the pathways and a recent insight with my ally, the Medicine Bowl.

Stepping into the Role of World-Bridger with the Amazonian Arts

In the past, spending time in the wild and deeply connecting with nature has always been an amazing resource to me for grounding support and transformation. At the beginning of the year, I embarked on a journey to deepen this connection. As part of following my soul song and stepping up into the role of World-Bridger in the Amazonian Arts Vision Weavers, I am participating in a course this year - learning to facilitate programs in deep nature connection and primal bush skills. Something I have great passion for, but never dared to think that I could possibly teach.

Priestess Gifts

Working with the Priestess, prior to the course, helped to embrace my inner critic and self-doubts. I ventured out of the safety and comfort of my hermitage into the vulnerability of authentic being in service to...

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Meeting the Wild Within

rewilding Dec 12, 2020


Connecting in from an Urban life

No matter where you live, there is some nature to connect with somewhere within reach. If you look for it, you will find it, and it is in fostering that connection that it begins to grow. What commonalities do you share with that plant? That spider? That blade of grass? In what ways are your experiences of life shared? If you don’t know, try zooming in. You can do this in many ways, but one is through an intentional meditation where you focus on something in nature. Keep your attention soft and receptive. Invite in curiosity as to the relationship that exists between you both. Deeply listen. The rational mind is not your friend in this process. Suspend disbelief. Journal what comes. Repeat this process for a time. 

What you attend to really does begin to augment in your life. This is indeed incredible and mysterious, and it is also evidence-based quantum mechanics

What are you paying attention to?

Are you seeing the...

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Shadow Dancing Into A Deepened Connection

It starts with a dog...

Akai (my dog) has an interest in ‘flutter-bys’ of all descriptions. She is even more passionate in this field than she is as an aspiring ornithologist in which she devotes some hours every day. Yet Akai’s interest in lepidopterology has one peculiar distinction to that of your regular student studying moths and butterflies, and that is that she is interested primarily in their shadows …

Although Akai has seen the ‘flutter-by’ itself, her interest in the form is only to locate where the shadow will fall. Then the chase is on. Can she keep her nose on it despite its sudden swerves and varying intensities as the ‘flutter-by’ itself rises and falls? I have often watched her do so admirably for they give her quite the chase. It doesn’t seem to have come to her attention though that she never gets to the bottom of these pursuits, but rather, she seems to be infinitely captivated by the never-ending chase…...

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