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Our Generational Wound


"I am your Mother and I am the Mother of All within form. Life is, and only ever was possible through me: through the Mother."


Would you Choose the Mother you have/had?

What if you were faced with the opportunity right now, to go back to your time of birth and re-choose who your Mother will be….  Would you make the same choice again? OR Would you choose your current self, the woman you are now to be your Mother?*** 


My Journey with the Protectress

It has been a whole astrological year since the Amazonian Arts Circle for the Protectress Warrioress, where we grounded the energy of the Mother. Through the held support of the Journey Women present, I embodied the role of Clan Mother for the Protectress into our physical realm.

Embodiment is no easy task. I had to wade my way through the toxic pain, suffering and torment of my ancestral generational wound, in order for my physical being to create space for the Protectress energy. The Drum Journey I...

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