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The Clan Mother Speaks: Our Huntress

clan mother huntress Jul 10, 2021

Stepping into the Clan Mother Huntress Role

When Vision Mother and Warrior Queen Akhalita first shared the birthing of the Amazonian Arts I felt intrigued as I heard the “rattling of the bones” as she spoke. It excited me, the opportunity to piece together the lost threads and uncover Herstory through studying Warrioress Archetypes.


The Huntress Steps Forward 

I jumped at the chance to have my Warrioress reading and did so for my 44th Birthday. I was surprised at how much information Jeanette could tell about me from my birth chart. This reintroduction into astrology was just the beginning of many Beginnings (or re-memberings) that are being ignited along this path. When she shared The Huntress had the most medicine for me I initially felt a bit disappointed. Believing I was the Messenger or Artisan, since these I can see easily expressed in my life. The Huntress felt distant, far too confident and her focus too sharp to resonate with me. A bow and arrow too...

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