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Join us where you are, when you are, walk with us...

When you walk this hosted, 18 month-long path with all 13 Warrioresses, you will be walking with your sisters and the guides and way-showers who have walked these ways before you ...


Experience the wholeness that comes from integrating forgotten and exiled parts of yourself. Join us as we transform shadows into strengths and rise up together as the embodied & empowered feminine for the benefit not only of ourselves but for all our relations.


You are invited to join this nourishing and insightful journey at any time. This hosted journey option is perpetual and cycles through the 13 Warrioresses where you will share the experience with journey women of varying stages along their own path. 

April 2023


May 2023


July 2023


August 2023

Warrior Queen

October 2023


November 2023


January 2024


February 2024


April 2024


May 2024

Merciful One

July 2024


August 2024

Lore Keeper

October 2024

Medicine Woman

By Completing one of our Hosted Journeys You Will Have ...

  • Deeply experienced the shamanic way, which means to live a conscious life deeply immersed in sacred connection with all of creation 
  • Deepened your intuition and interpersonal skills
  • Fostered intimate relationship with all 13 Warrioresses and their allies such that you can call on them for support in your daily life  
  • Received deep personal insights and womb-wisdom from the Warrioresses Grandmothers, who are the ancient matriarchal lineage holders 
  • Transformed shadows and understood which are simply inversions of strengths
  • Understand the astrological relationships to awaken your personal power 
  • Practiced ritual and magick to bring yourself into deep alignment with your power
  • Moved beyond the old paradigm of competition and into new consciousness where we are sisters supporting each other 
  • Know yourself as a self-sovereign woman and shine this light into all your relationships 
  • Uncovered the ancestral bones of long-lost parts of yourself
  • The opportunity to connect with a loving and supportive sisterhood


13 Warrioress Hosted Journey - 18 months online journey

$999 AUD



All ONLINE CONTENT guided over 18 months


26 Drum Journeys (audio and video)

13 Plant Medicine Healing Meditations (audio and video)

13 Re-woven Goddess Tale Story Telling (audio)

Astrological Placements for all 13 Warrioresses and how they impact your life

Warrioress Allies and the power they hold for you to work with

Deep Journalling Practices

Experiential Activities specifically related to each Warrioress

Introductory Videos each week

Exclusive Community of Journey-Women

Formats: Online or Printable Workbook Included

Weekly videos and question sessions

Interactive and supportive online group


13 Warrioress Shamanic Journey - with physical gatherings

$2222 AUD



The ULTIMATE expression of self worth as you step into the guided FIERCE FEMININE and enhance your hosted journey with seven powerful physical gatherings over the 18 months



Everything from the HOSTED online journey

Introductory Weaving Circle

Gatherings every three months to immerse and share the experience

Opportunities to connect and see other Warrioress Journey-Women through an interactive and supportive online group

Weekly videos and question sessions to support you through your journey

Accommodation provided with loving hospitality and some delicious and nutritious snacks 

Physical gatherings are held in the beautiful Northern Hinterlands, 40 minutes from Dorrigo, New South Wales


An upgrade offer - for those already underway with a 13 Warrioress Solo Journey

$444 AUD



For the beautiful Journey-Women who have already embarked on a Solo 13 Warrioress Journey - this offer is to upgrade to our hosted journey beginning in April 2023



All the existing inclusions from your 13 Warrioress Solo Journey

A unique, fully guided experience through the 13 Warrioresses

Gain additional support, encouragement and connection through your unique journey

Access to the online community with weekly videos and question sessions hosted by the Clan Mothers and Vision Weavers

Choose to join us for any or all of the 13 Warrioress you have already worked through, there are so many benefits to journeying through a Warrioress a second (or third) time


Meet some of our Clan Mothers who will be with you along the way

Each Warrioress has an appointed Clan Mother to support your journey and hold space for the power that is the ancient lineage.

Eve Oak
Medicine Woman

"Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering."

Brony Marshall
Warrior Queen

"The Amazonian Arts has opened a portal to the forgotten pieces of my blueprint. The bones of each of the 13 archetypes has allowed me to connect to the powers of my ancestors and the calling of my soul. I feel blessed to have found access to these deep rooted lineages, to be able to reclaim my own power through my warrioress, the Warrior Queen, reflect on my own shadows and be truly ‘seen’ by sisters in circle.  I have found the Amazonian Arts tribe to be real, raw, passionate, blissfully creative and deeply honouring of the forgotten stories of the womb."

Kate Matthew

"The Astrology Reading from Amazonian Arts was transformative.  Devoting two hours to a reading allowed so much depth, and it all resonated very strongly.  This reading explained some life-long patterns that I had never understood, and led me to a warrioress archetype that confirmed other information I had received recently from a different source.  I am still working through the reading – there is so much rich insight in there."

Hosted 13 Warrioress Journey

$999 AUD

18 month Hosted Online Course

Begin anytime


13 Warrioress Shamanic Journey

$2222 AUD

including 7 physical gatherings

Next intake for 2025


Upgrade to Hosted

$444 AUD

for those already on a Solo 13 Warrioress Journey

Invitation to upgrade