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The Amazonian Arts is for women who are re-membering that they are here to embrace, embody and become way-showers for the shift of consciousness taking place on the earth right now. This body of work is built upon the bones of the sacred ancient ways and is here to support the awakening of the women who are called to birth this New Story. Are you one of them?

awaken your fierce feminine

The Amazonian Arts is a New Story born from an awakening of the fierce feminine within, through 13 Warrioress archetypes. It is infused with the ancient arts of shamanism, mythology, astrology, ritual, and attending to the earthly elements. It is the quintessential expression of the fierce feminine to say 'the buck stops here'. We do this work on behalf of ourselves and all our relations so that we may real-eyes the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible

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Your experience with The Amazonian Arts

Allows you to receive deep personal insights and womb-wisdom from the 13 Grandmothers who are the ancient matriarchal lineage holders 

Deepens your intuition and fosters intimate relationship with your Allies such that you can call on them for support in your daily life 

Brings you a level of self understanding as a self-sovereign woman and shines this light into all your relationships. 

Creates magick to bring yourself into deep alignment with your power and ability to womanifest your work in the world and express your deepest truths 

May your Amazonian Arts journey take you on a wild ride into the centre of your own strengths as you re-member and renew your own true nature as an agent of the fierce feminine.

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Explore our online course options for the Warrioress journeys. Choose to journey Solo at your own pace, or join our next round of Hosted journeys.

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"Journeying the Pathways of the Amazonian Arts has been a deep experience of self-gnosis and transformation. You are invited and freely guided with empathy to courageously face your fears and shadows, and discover and empower your most beautiful shining light. Thank you for this beautiful offering."

Eve Oak
Medicine Woman

The Apprenticeship

Hold space, share, expand. This is an offering of deepening the experience for those women who have completed the 13 Warrioress Journey (online or in the physical).

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The Shamanic Journey

Deepen your experience, journey through the 13 Warrioresses with the online course and physical gatherings. Located near Dorrigo in the Northern Tablelands of NSW. Now taking expressions of interest for 2025.

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View our sacred offerings of online courses, charts, readings, healings, and tools to support your fierce feminine journey of empowerment.

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You are here for a purpose


Amazonian Astrology has been conceived as a way to deeply guide us in creating a modern-day mythology. By using your natal chart, your unique map of the placement of the stars at your time of birth, focus is brought to the fierce feminine qualities available for you to explore and strengthen.

The placements of Venus and the Moon are just the beginning in playing a key role to revealing a your Warrioress archetype.


I want to discover my Warrioress


The 13 Warrioress Archetypes

Adventure into the depths of your own being to discover the Warrioress within.


I am She who endures. I create soulful structures and alchemical containers of profound transformation.

Strength: Endurance

Shadow: Calculating

Sign: Capricorn

Goddess: Themis

Spirit Animal: Sea-Goat 

Stone: Onyx

Plant: Cedar


I am the gypsy traveller who quests for truth on the horizons of our collective consciousness. There is no risk too great to take in the pursuit of such medicine. 

Strength: Dynamic

Shadow: Tactless

Sign: Sagittarius

Goddess: Atalanta

Spirit Animal: Centauride

Stone: Amber

Plant: Starflower


I am known to many as the pleasure-seeker and I revel in the beauty of the body without shame nor apology.

Strength: Dependable

Shadow: Hedonistic

Sign: Taurus

Goddess: Hathor

Spirit Animal: Wildebeest

Stone: Sunstone

Plant: Douglas Fir


With my deep psychic sensitivities I am known as the Death-Crier. I am in direct contact with the underbelly of life.

Strength: Psychic-sensitivity

Shadow: Possessive

Sign: Scorpio

Goddess: Lilith

Spirit Animal: Phoenix

Stone: Obsidian

Plant: Peyote

Lore Keeper

I am the Extremist. For I go to the edge so that I may know the centre. I am She who Weighs the Truth.

Strength: Considerate

Shadow: Indecisive

Sign: Libra

Goddess: Ma'at

Spirit Animal: Gryphon

Stone: Lapis Lazuli

Plant: Jasmine


I remind women of the Power of One. I am the spark that ignites their innate courage to act instinctively and follow their own path.

Strength: Instinctual

Shadow: Impatient

Sign: Aries

Goddess: Artemis

Spirit Animal: She-Wolf

Stone: Moonstone

Plant: Wormwood

Medicine Woman

I am She who Re-members and Bridges the Worlds. I herald the return of Unity Consciousness.

Strength: Unification

Shadow: Disassociation

Sign: Ophiuchus

Goddess: Hygieia

Spirit Animal: Ouroboros

Stone: Serpentine

Plant: Oak

Merciful One

Do not underestimate me dear one for my softness was forged in the inferno. I am the fiercest of them all. 

Strength: Compassion

Shadow: Boundaryless

Sign: Pisces

Goddess: Kwan Yin

Spirit Animal: Sea-Dragon

Stone: Jade

Plant: Agrimony


With my chameleon nature I am known as a Shape-Shifter. I am clever with communication and able anticipate an outcome before anyone else.

Strength: Quick-witted

Shadow: Manipulative

Sign: Gemini

Goddess: Iris

Spirit Animal: Coyote

Stone: Citrine

Plant: Clary Sage


I am devoted to the reclamation of Sacred Sexuality while knowing that I am whole unto myself and I belong to no man.

Strength: Dedicated

Shadow: Critical

Sign: Virgo

Goddess: Hestia

Spirit Animal: Unicorn

Stone: Turquoise

Plant: Frankincense


Bend your knee to the mighty force from whence you came and to whence you will return. For I am She. I am the Fierce Mother.

Strength: Nurturing

Shadow: Codependent

Sign: Cancer

Goddess: Demeter

Spirit Animal: Flying Serpent

Stone: Emerald

Plant: Wheat

Warrior Queen

I lead the way of self-sovereignty, stepping into the light to shine my gifts bright for I am the Radiant One.

Strength: Self-sovereign

Shadow: Ingratiating

Sign: Leo

Goddess: Bast

Spirit Animal: Wildcat

Stone: Ruby

Plant: Saguaro


I shake up what no longer serves and at times my revelations can be shocking. I dance to the beat of my own drum.

Strength: Innovation

Shadow: Aloofness

Sign: Aquarius

Goddess: Ganymeda

Spirit Animal: Rain-Bird

Stone: Labradorite

Plant: Ivy

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Adventure into the depths of your own being to discover the Warrioress within. Our 13 archetypes each have a story of strength and shadow to tell. Which one will choose you?

Take our detailed questionnaire to receive your Warrioress Profile, then you may journey her healing pathway with drum journeys, meditation, journalling, story telling and much more!


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